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Supporting [organisations/companies/public institutions/authorities] with their legal obligations under the [EU Directive on Whistleblower Protection / Name of relevant national law if there is one]

Private companies with 50 employees or more (in some cases, with less) and virtually all public sector organisations in [COUNTRY NAME] will soon be legally obliged to establish internal channels and procedures for reporting wrongdoing. This includes entities that are publicly owned or controlled.

More than an obligation. It is an opportunity.

The case for organisations to adopt robust internal reporting mechanisms is clear. Such mechanisms enable workers to speak up about legal or ethical misconduct. They help protect the organisation from the effects of misconduct, including legal liability, serious financial losses and lasting reputational harm. Effective internal reporting mechanisms also foster a culture of trust and responsiveness. 

The solution – [PRODUCT NAME] 

[Product name] is a digital reporting channel that gives whistleblowers the chance to report information about wrongdoing, even anonymously, in a secure manner. The platform uses the GlobaLeaks software and complies with the EU directive on whistleblower protection. It guarantees the maintenance and updating of the platform and does not require technical interventions by internal or external entities. 

As required by the [directive/law], [product name] ensures that the identity of the reporting person and any third party mentioned in the report is protected and confidential and prevents access by non-authorised staff members. The platform provides a reporting questionnaire that complies with the EU directive and best practice and which is specifically designed by Transparency International to address corruption and other wrongdoing.

How to get your platform?

Once you have selected an offer and completed your registration [with the chapter/online], you can set-up your platform in a few easy steps and inform your staff and collaborators using our model communication materials.


We propose [one/two/three/four] different offers for joining the project, so that every organisation can find the best option to match their needs.

Setting up your platform

Discover here how easy it is to obtain and set up your own online whistleblowing platform. Just follow the steps!

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